How I correct my High blood sugars?

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High blood sugars and their management has always been the first and foremost problem in type 1 diabetes management.

Finding out the correction dose for managing high blood sugars is still a challenge for many type 1 patients.

So, I’ll be sharing my way of calculating the correction dose. There are two important things to be considered :

 1. Correction Factor

  1. Correction Dose

For calculating Correction dose we have to first find out the correction factor which is unique to every Type 1 patient, which is as follows :

  1. Correction Factor :

Correction Factor or Insulin Sensitivity Factor = 1700 or 1800 ÷ Total Daily Dose of insulin(TDD)

*TDD or Total daily dose of Insulin is the total amount of Insulin taken in one day (Basal + Bolus)

       (Note : The number 1800 should work when the basal insulin makes up 50% of the TDD in someone with Type 1 Diabetes. The number 1700 will work better when basal insulin doses make up less than 50% of the TDD, while a number higher than 1800 works better for those whose basal doses make up more than 50% of their TDD)

My Correction Factor :

My TDD or total daily dose of insulin is 60 (Basal = 30 and Bolus = 30)

For calculation of my correction factor I use 1800 as the standard number because my basal makes up 50% of the TDD.

Correction Factor or Insulin Sensitivity Factor = 1800 ÷ 60 = 30

So, my correction factor is 30.

  1. Correction Dose determination :

Correction Dose = (Current Blood Glucose – Target Blood Glucose) ÷ Correction Factor

Example : Suppose I have my current high BG as 300 and Target BG as 140, so my correction dose determination will be as follows :

Correction dose = ( 300 – 140 ) ÷ 30

160 ÷ 30 = 5.3 ~ 5

So, my correction dose is 5.3 or approx. 5 units of bolus(fast acting insulin) for a high blood sugar of 300 mg/dl.

Note : Correction dose should always be given in addition to your regular bolus shot. For example, if I take 10 units of bolus with meals, I’ll be taking 5 units in addition to 10 units, ie, a total of 15 units to correct my BG. There is no need to take bolus if you are taking the correction dose in between the meals.


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