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This page is dedicated to all the diabetics, especially with Type1 diabetes and let me start with a little fact that, diabetes in any way, doesn’t end your life which most of the people think once they are diagnosed with it… It surely makes it way harder than non-diabetic people but definitely doesn’t stop you from doing what you are meant to do..

Some people know and some doesn’t know that I am Type1 diabetic.. But today let me introduce myself in brief, “I am Poonam, Dentist by profession and a Type 1 diabetic survivor”…


The idea behind writing this blog struck my mind a couple of months ago(2018), when I was once again fighting with my day to day problems with diabetes.. Suddenly I realised that there are many people struggling with T1D(Type 1 Diabetes) and I am not the only one suffering… So why not talk about our problems and share our lives, careers, so as to provide moral boost and motivation to people like me…

Among many hurdles in lives of diabetic people especially with T1D is that, even in this era people around are still less accepting towards diabetic patients and I was also among them who are least interested in telling people that, yes, I am diabetic, because I never wanted people to sympathise with me… 

Eventually, I started thinking the other way round that why not accept the fact that I am diabetic and I have done well so far and lets make this very thing as a strength and if we will share our problems with people, it’s then they’ll be able to help us out in our journey… Moreover, I have now started searching for people like me so that we can all work together for our rights, dignity and share our problems with each other and realise that we are not in any way less than other people, it’s just that yours is a race and ours is a hurdle race..


This is how I started communicating with people from different areas and streams, so that I can gather more n more people with T1D and for this I am trying really very hard, leaving no stone unturned for the same and need very active participation from all the diabetics out there.

So, if you’re are a type 1 diabetic or you know someone around with type 1 diabetes or any diabetic in need, do drop me a message or an email on drpoonam1787@gmail.com!

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