LASIK and Type 1 Diabetes!

As we all T1Ds know, that going for any of the small or major medical procedures, first thing that comes to our mind is – ‘Is that really necessary?’ Or ‘Is it advisable for us?’,  as we people are really afraid of the consequences, whether its a small extraction of tooth or any other major medical procedure. 

As far as I have understood Type 1 Diabetes in 27 years is, that we can always go for any of the procedure, provided our Blood Glucose levels are in range, before and after the procedure. Obviously, we have to take some extra care than people without diabetes but this doesn’t mean we are not eligible.

Now, coming to the LASIK, so many people ask me about this procedure, which is done to correct vision of a person through Laser. The question arises here is, whether it is safe for a person with diabetes or not?

So, the things to be kept in mind before going for a LASIK surgery is (as I was instructed by my Ophthalmologist) :

  1. Your Blood Glucose levels should be in range before, during and after the procedure, so, better get your HbA1c done prior to surgery.
  2. The Power or Number of your eye glasses should be stable for at least a year.
  3. Intra ocular pressure of your eyes should be in range, so as to rule out glaucoma.
  4. There should be no signs of retinopathy. 

Note : All of the above mentioned points are from best of my memory and was apt for me, still take an appointment from your Ophthalmologist, he may go for some more investigations for you, as every person with diabetes is unique and require a unique treatment plan.

My Experience!

Its time for my experience of LASIK. I got my LASIK surgery done 5-6 years back and as I asked my Ophthalmologist for this,  he first said that let me be sure if it can be for you or not. Then he got all the required checkups done and after he was satisfied, my Lasik was planned. He asked me to have a very strict control over my BGs prior and post surgery.

*One thing he mentioned before the procedure was, that people with diabetes are prone and may develop Cataract at an early age after LASIK, than people without diabetes. But, its not always true for every person and these possibilities vary for everyone.

After my consent, LASIK was done for me and it was really a successful one. There was a lot of pain for one day and was normal after that. It required a lot of efforts for at least a month to take care of your newly operated eyes.

I was allowed to resume my work after 2-3 days, but as a precautionary measure I took my work off for around 2 weeks, as I’m a Dental Surgeon by profession and always at risk of catching infection from my workplace. So, I felt no harm in taking rest for 2 weeks and I felt like wow as I got my perfect vision back.

So, T1Ds go for your LASIK surgeries keeping your Blood Glucose levels in range 🙂


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