My hypo regimen

When it comes to treating hypos most common mistake people make is its over correction or sometimes, correction with long acting carbs. The best way to treat hypo is consumption of fast acting carbs instead of slow acting carbs or other food items.

Following are the steps one should follow-

1. Eat or drink 15-20 grams of fast acting carbs like orange juice or full sugar drinks.

2. Test your glucose after 15 minutes.

3. If it is still below 70 mg/dl, then take another round of fast acting carbs.

4. Again test your glucose after 15 minutes.

5. If it is above 70 mg/dl, you can have some slow acting carbs to satiate your hunger induced by hypoglycaemia.

There is a list of ‘Must haves’ for every Type1 diabetic person ( This is what I personally carry with me 24*7, especially when I’m not at home) as follows-

1. Glucose –

First and foremost is the powdered glucose, which is readily available in any of nearest chemist or grocery store and is the most adviced for Type1 diabetics.

2. Hypo tab –

Hypo tab is another feasible option to treat a hypo. Each tablet contains 4 grams of dextrose which is chewable and easily absorbed in the blood circulation.

3. Glucose gel –

Glucose gel is two times faster than juices and the one I’m having, contains 15 grams of fast acting glucose in one single sachet, which is ideal for treating a hypoglycaemia. Another benefit with the glucose gel is, it is gluten free and ideal for patients with Coeliac disease.

4. Glucose tablets –

These are available in the market to be used as a source of energy and is not ideal for treating hypos, as the content of glucose is very less in it.


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