Take cognizance : Type 1 Diabetes is not caused by eating sugar


As it is the Diabetes awareness month, the most common false notion about any type of diabetes is, it is caused by eating excessive sugar. It is the most common stigma surrounding Diabetes. Obviously, one of the reasons of developing Type 2 diabetes is Obesity (others may include genetic factors, stress, lifestyle etc.)but not Type 1 diabetes, still eating only sugar does not attribute to the condition. It includes a long list of factors like eating junk food, lack of physical activity etc. and it takes a long period of time to develop Insulin Resistance (it is not an overnight happening).

On the contrary, Type 1 diabetes is exactly opposite to Type 2 diabetes in its causation. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and has nothing to do with eating habits, lifestyle or age. It can be diagnosed in any person of any age group (mostly in kids) irrespective of lifestyle, eating habits, age, physique etc.


Earlier, people used to call Type 1 diabetes as Juvenile diabetes, as kids are most frequently diagnosed with it, but this fact can’t be denied that it is seen in many adults or middle aged people and hence its name has been changed to Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus(IDDM) or commonly known as Type 1 Diabetes.

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So, people need to brush up some facts about Type 1 diabetes, like 

  1. It is not caused by eating sugar 
  2. It does not occur only in kids, rather it is an autoimmune disease and can occur at any age
  3. It can’t be cured by home remedies or exercising.

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