“People with diabetes fall sick more often” – Right or Wrong?

There is a very common thought among people that ‘People with diabetes are more prone to infections or they fall sick more often, than people without diabetes’.

There are many school of thoughts regarding this. But, as far as I have known diabetes, this ideology is partially true. When people say this, this doesn’t mean only Diabetes, but there are other factors related to this (The statement comes with an invisible *Conditions Apply symbol).

Right –

This thought comes out to be true, when diabetic people have a very bad control over their blood sugars or they are very fluctuating. A high blood sugar over a long period of time causes compromised immunity, which eventually makes a person infection prone. Opportunistic infections usually surround these people.

Wrong –

This is quite wrong for people who have a better control on their diabetes. I can say this, because I have lived almost my entire life with Type1 diabetes and I’ve never felt that I fall sick more often than my fellow people like family members, school or college friends or my colleagues. Infact, I’ve seen some people who have a compromised immunity, despite they don’t have any chronic illness.

For me –

‘Being Diabetic doesn’t make a person sick, all that matters is your command over it’.

As far as I have understood diabetes, it can’t define your personality. It can obviously affect your life ; mostly it is stressful, still you can lead a normal life as others, only if you are meticulous with your control.

*This fact can’t be denied that diabetes is an everyday battle and certainly not as easy as saying that you should have good control.

Lastly, I always found life to be highly unpredictable and only one phrase suits here :



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