Disinfection of sites

Whether it is injecting insulin or testing your blood glucose levels with the help of your glucometer, both of these needs disinfection of the site, either with the help of a spirit swab or an alcohol wipe, as it will help prevent any sort of infections which can be caused by germs present on your skin and may reach tissues along with your Insulin pen needle or Glucometer lancet.

How to disinfect?

Disinfection can be done with help of spirit or alcohol swabs. Just before injecting, take a swab from the container and squeeze out extra spirit, wipe the site you are about to inject and allow it to dry first and then inject. After injection is complete wipe the site the help of the same cotton swab, so as to get rid of any extra insulin that comes out after injection or any blood that oozes out from the injection site. 

Note – I usually make spirit swabs on my own, it simply requires shaping cotton as cotton balls and keep them all together in a container and pour spirit in it.

In present times, prepared and packaged alcohol wipes are available in the market easily, which I usually use during travelling.


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