Check your ketones when hyperglycaemic!

It is a very common practice in T1 diabetics to keep checking their blood glucose levels multiple times a day, but some days when you are hyperglycaemic, it is good to check ketone bodies also, in either blood or urine. 

What are ketone bodies?

Ketones are the type of acids formed as a result of breakdown of fatty acids by liver. Whenever body is deficient in insulin, it is unable to utilise glucose as a source of energy, therefore it starts converting fat cells into ketone bodies and released as a source of energy.

How to test?

Ketones can be tested either in urine or in blood at home.

  • Blood glucose meters are available which measures ketones levels in blood along with blood glucose levels.
  • Reagent strips are available for glucose and ketone in urine.


Why it is necessary?

Ketones are produced by body when it is unable to utilise glucose as a source of energy in deficiency of insulin and converts fat cells into ketones. Rapid utilisation of fat cells leads to weight loss and release of ketoacids in urine and blood leading to diabetic ketoacidosis. It can lead to serious complications like coma and death if not treated on time.


  • Stomach ache 
  • Fruity smell 
  • Nausea 
  • Breathlessness 

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