Keep a check on your diabetes annually

Although keeping a good control over your blood glucose levels is good enough but still you need to keep a check on your overall body health….

This mostly includes your eyes, heart, kidneys, nervous system etc..

Every diabetic should go for certain investigations annually to assess your control over diabetes for a year long and not merely a day

  • HbA1c – Also called as glycated haemoglobin shows your average blood glucose levels for past three months.
  • Eyes check up – Get your eyes checked once in a year for any signs of diabetic retinopathy. A dilated eye examination by an expert helps keeping a check on retina (back part of the eye) responsible for vision.


  • Blood pressure and cholesterol – This will indicate the overall well being of your heart.
  • Urine and blood tests – These should mostly include your Renal function tests like urine for microalbumin, serum creatinine, or any proteins in urine.
  • Foot examination – This is to examine any early signs diabetic neuropathy like numbness or loss of sensation, which is seen in long standing diabetes.


  • Weight – Any appreciable change in weight, whether a gain or loss over a period of year indicates a poor control over diabetes.

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