It’s good to be eggetarian when you’re diabetic

There are some food products that are said to have zero glycaemic index and fortunately, eggs are one of those. Best thing about eggs is, they are zero in carbohydrates and rich in protein, hence, the best food for diabetics.

If we talk about it in little detail, then egg white is carb free and cholesterol free but yellow part of the egg (egg yolk) is rich in cholesterol and care must be taken while consuming egg yolks, as it may worsen already existing heart problems or may develop them when consumed in excessive quantities ( in cardiac and chronic diabetic patients). Coming to the egg whites, they are zero in cholesterol and can be consumed without giving a second thought.

Although, it is prudent to consume any of the food products whether carb free or rich in carbs in limited quantities, still you can have feast with egg whites more than egg yolks.

Another advantage with eggs is, so many delicious cuisines can be prepared with it without thinking much of your blood sugars. Obviously, other ingredients mixed with it does make a difference in glycaemic load, but still can be managed easily than other carbohydrate rich foods with high glycaemic load.

I personally involve eggs in my daily meals (any one of the three meals), but I usually avoid taking egg yolks or yolk of only one egg if I feel like eating some days ( Daily intake – 2-3 eggs exclusive of egg yolks ).


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