Diabetes alert or medical alert accessories

 Accessories like wrist bands, neck pieces or medical alert systems and notifications are many a times helpful in medical emergencies. Here we are concerned about emergencies related to diabetes.

The most common emergency related with diabetes is hypoglycaemia, especially in type 1 diabetics or type 2 diabetics on insulin or oral anti diabetic drugs causing low blood sugars.

Diabetic alert bands or necklaces worn by a diabetic patient may help other people know that you are a diabetic and in case of an emergency medical aid can be provided on time.


In many instances, patients on insulin and on oral anti diabetic drugs may become hypoglycaemic at different places say office, school, college, shopping malls or while driving. In this very situation, patient may faint or fall on the floor and may get injured or become unconscious, here, a diabetes alert accessory may help. People around can rush you to a hospital or may feed glucose or any carbohydrate rich food kept in your bag, in case you are conscious or able to communicate.

Apart from accessories, a diabetic note should always be kept in our pockets. 

This is a common practice among people that whenever they find any person unconscious, injured (may be due to accident or any other mishap) they always try to find victim’s pocket for any ID or mobile phone or something else, so that they can identify the person and can communicate with their family members.

So, it is always prudent to keep a diabetic note in your pocket saying-





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