Monthly outlay!

The cost of treatment for a diabetic patient is the most important concern these days. Although there are lot many advancements but as you upgrade the treatment, cost gets doubled.

Following is my monthly expense with present regime and this cost may vary for different people as the product type varies with each patient. 

The major reason for not using some of the products more advanced, easy to use, patient friendly and less tedious, is affordability. At present, my pocket doesn’t allow me to use insulin pump or continuous blood glucose monitoring system.

  1. Insulin used with insulin pen-
  • Lantus insulin (Used with Allstar pen)-

       3 cartridge- ₹1791 (cost per cartridge is ₹597)

  • Novorapid insulin (Used with Novopen)-

       3 cartridge- ₹1590 (cost per cartridge is ₹530)

  1. Glucometer strips (Accuchek Performa)-

       90 strips- ₹2520 (₹2800 for 100 strips)


  1. Novofine needles-

       60 needles- ₹750 (₹1250 for 100 needles)


  1. Accuchek lancets-

       30 lancets- ₹150 (₹125 for 25 lancets)


      *Total expense comes out to be ₹6801/- per month.

This is the average cost per month as per the ideal regime and the figure may change as there days when some extra bolus of insulin is required or blood glucose levels are tested more often than three times a day. (It also excludes the initial cost of products like Glucometer, insulin pens etc.)


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