Your travel kit!

Being a diabetic, your travel kit should include a lot many things besides insulin.

Doesn’t matter your tour is long or short, any diabetic patient should have following things with them-

  • Insulin is must have for type1 diabetics. Always carry extra cartridges or vials with you (insulin should be stored with ice packs)
  • Needles or syringes
  • Blood glucose monitor 
  • Urine testing strips for ketones or blood glucose monitor which tests ketones also



  • Sweeteners like glucose, juice boxes, sugar biscuits, sugar candies for hypos


  • Glucagon injection in case of severe hypoglycaemia 


  • Food stuffs that can be stored for long (in case you are stuck somewhere and deprived of food, it may worsen your diabetes)
  • Water or any substitute that can keep you hydrated


These are the basic things you need in routine traveling. Apart from this, your requirements may change if you are going for trekking or climbing or any other adventure.

(Always consult your doctor if you are planning anything other than your routine traveling. A different physical activity may change your insulin or anti-diabetic drug requirements)

*Above all, diabetics should take care of their feet, while traveling. Try not to walk bare foot or any foot wear that can injure your feet. 



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